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Does the Program Really Work?

In OA, we believe we have finally found a long-term answer. Many OA members have maintained a normal weight and found freedom from compulsive eating for many years—one day at a time.

In OA we believe abusive food behavior is a threefold illness that incorporates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. Tens of thousands have found that OA’s Twelve Step Program brings recovery on all three of these levels. The twelve steps embody a set of actions that we need to take that put us in touch with a Higher Power who we believe restores us to sanity. As we work the steps, we let go of old attitudes, and we find we are being relieved of our obsessive food behaviors, thus achieving a new way of life.

Can we guarantee you this recovery? If you will honestly face the truth about yourself and your illness; if you keep coming back to meetings to talk and listen to other recovering compulsive overeaters; if you will read our literature and that of Overeaters Anonymous with an open mind; and most important, if you are willing to rely on a power greater than yourself for direction in your life, and to take the twelve steps to the best of your ability, we believe you can indeed join the ranks of those who recover. If you think you may be a compulsive eater, give yourself a chance for recovery by trying the OA Program.

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