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Suffolk County Intergroup

Suffolk County Overeaters Anonymous Intergroup serves all local meetings in Suffolk County. We are part of Region #6 which is one of 11 regions worldwide. Tradition 9 reminds us that OA, as such, ought never to be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve. Suffolk County Intergroup (SCI) is one of those service boards.

The Intergroup Committee and its board members are comprised of OA representatives from local group meetings—members at varying stages of recovery with no official qualifications or experience. At Intergroup meetings, issues are discussed and new business may be brought to light that concerns the Suffolk County region as a whole. Each member’s mission is to represent their local group meeting with any new business and also bring back all/any new information to their local meetings.

We believe that doing service above the group level is a valuable way to further strengthen our own personal recovery. Together, in fellowship, we strive toward our primary purpose of carrying the message of recovery to all those still sick and suffering compulsive overeaters. Members of OA are encouraged to attend intergroup meetings whenever possible.

Intergroup goals:

  • Help members strengthen their personal recovery

  • Increase the number of sponsors

  • Increase the number of newcomers

  • Increase the retention of newcomers

  • Help those in relapse

  • Inspire people to give more service

  • Increase outreach and public information activities

  • Support diversity and inclusion

Suffolk County Intergroup meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 pm via Zoom. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. (No meeting in July or August).

Zoom linkMeeting ID: 894 1340 3256

Password: intergroup


(631) 636-6154


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