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The New Light

Share Your Stories of Recovery 

“Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to the compulsive eater who still suffers.”   
-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Tradition #5 

Experience has shown we cannot keep the precious gifts of our own recovery unless we give recovery away by sharing OA’s  message. Every time we offer our experience, strength and hope to the still-suffering compulsive eater, we give back what we have  been given and thus continue the flow of healing power and help maintain our own recovery.                    -The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, pg. 145 

There are many ways you can contribute and carry the message to newcomers or fellow OA’s who may be searching online for a solution. Please consider tapping into your creative side by expressing your experience, strength and hope through multimedia. Prose, poetry, music lyrics, video, art, photography, and more—the ideas are endless. Maybe you have a favorite song that helped  you through recovery. A certain poem that resonated with you during your journey. A piece of artwork that comforted you along the  way. A favorite quote or saying that you recited each day…why? 

Please explain why your entry means so much to you and how it helped you through the 12 steps of recovery. See some samples below. 

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