OA Young Persons’ Meeting
Monday nights at 7:30pm

Zoom Information

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/223077472

Meeting ID: 223 077 472

Password: youngpeeps

OA defines a "Young Person" as someone who is between the ages of 18 and 30*, & this meeting was started by and for OA members in that age group who are in recovery. The meeting format and topics are centered around Young Persons' perspectives.

Meeting Topic Schedule

  • Week 1 - Step meeting - steps correspond with month (ex: January - Step 1)

  • Week 2 - Light a Candle meeting - speaker share with questions afterwards or Speaker meeting - speaker share with member sharing afterwards

  • Week 3 - Special Topic - chosen by group, usually followed by writing

  • Week 4 - Big Book meeting

  • Week 5 - Special Topic - chosen by group, usually followed by writing


Contact Victoria 631-252-3409 or the Young Persons’ meeting steering committee at suffolkoayoungpersons@gmail.com with any questions.

* While anyone is welcome, the emphasis is for those 30 & under, or those who were 30 or under when they came to program. We strongly suggest that anyone under 18 be accompanied by a parent or other adult, though their attendance in the meeting room itself is not necessary.

Resources for Young People:

-MidHudson Intergroup Trudge Talk: Young People in Recovery Podcast

-OA World Service Young Persons Podcasts

-List of Temporarily Virtual YP Meetings (OA.org)

-List of Virtual YP Meetings (OA.org)

-One Symptom, Many Solutions Document

-What Brought Us Here & Why We Stay Document

Do you belong in OA?

  1. ​Do you eat as a response to all kinds of feelings -- highs, lows, and in-betweens?

  2. Does your overeating make you miserable?

  3. Do your eating habits interfere with your social life; or does your social life revolve around food?

  4. Do you eat normally in front of others and binge when you're alone?

  5. Do you drift off in class because you're thinking about food or losing weight?

  6. Do you hate gym and other activities because of your weight?

  7. Do you spend more than you would like to on junk food?

  8. Do you sometimes steal food -- or money to buy it?

  9. Do you pass up dances and other events because you can't fit into nice clothes

  10. Do you resent people's comments and "helpful suggestions" about your weight or the amount of food you eat?

​​If the answer to most of these questions is "Yes," you're not alone. Many people, including a lot of teenagers, suffer from the disease of compulsive overeating -- a disease from which we can recover. (Courtesy of OA South Bay)