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*Due to COVID-19, no Suffolk OA Meetings are occuring in-person*

*Please see the Virtual Meetings Page for a list of Phone & Zoom Meetings*

  • We recommend you try at least six meetings before deciding if OA is for you. Each meeting may be different. 

  • Even though a meeting suggests "Beginner," anyone is welcome at any meeting. 

  • PLEASE call the contact person to confirm the meeting before attending.

BB - Big Book      HOW - Honest, Open, Willing       ST - Step                                WTG - Writing
BG - Beginner      LIT - Literature                             TR - Traditions                       OA 3rd - OA 3rd Edition
CL - Closed          OD - Open Discussion                  ROTATE - Format changes weekly                       

This list was last updated March, 2020.  

Please email with any changes or additions. 

The abbreviations for the types of meetings are:
BG: (Beginners);
BB: (Big Book) The group reads from the AA Big Book, which is also used in the OA program;
LIT: (Literature) the Group reads OA literature;
LIT/WTG: group reads and then writes on the story/topic;
OD: open discussion meeting;
CL: closed to non-OA visitors;
ROTATE: group rotates literature;
ST: (Step) the group reads from the OA Twelve and Twelve and discusses one of the twelve steps of the OA program;
ST/TR: (Step/Tradition) is similar to ST, but they also read one of our traditions;
HOW: Please see the "Questions" page to better explain what HOW is.

YOUNG PERSONS': OA defines a "Young Person" as someone who is between the ages of 18 and 30. While anyone is welcome, the emphasis is for those under 30, or those who were under 30 when they came to program. We strongly suggest that anyone under 18 be accompanied by a parent or other adult, though their attendance in the meeting room itself is not necessary.

This may all sound confusing -  we suggest you attend a meeting, sit, listen, and ask questions. You will not feel alone, we have all been there, too. Keep coming back! 

Suffolk County Intergroup meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at East Islip Public Library, Main Street, usually downstairs conference room.  Please confirm with Help Desk for location.  


+The Brookhaven Hospital meeting on Saturday is outside in trailer "A" located behind the hospital, but is connected to the hospital.  Parking is in the south lot, in the back employee parking lot.  The parking lot is also accessible from County Road 101, also called Sills Road. 

Please click below to open a printable copy of the meeting list.

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