Announcements and Upcoming Events

August 2020 Updates:

  • Suffolk OA Intergroup now sends out emails. To add your information and receive updates via email, please visit the Mailing List Page. 

  • The Summer 2020 New Light has been published. Please visit the New Light Page to read. If you are interested in submitting a story for the Fall issue, please email suffolkoaig@gmail by September 1, 2020

  • Recommit to Recovery Workshop - Update: Due to a technical glitch, we were unable to have the scheduled workshop on 7/12.  The workshops are being rescheduled as follows: 

    • August 9 (Steps 8 & 9)

    • August 23 (Steps 10 & 11)

    • September 13 (Step 12 )

  • Several meetings have created Phone & Zoom meetings to meet virtually. Please visit the new Virtual Meetings Page and the Zoom Information Page for more information. Suffolk OA has also created a new Zoom Pamphlet that thoroughly explains everything there is to know about Zoom! 

  • Our website has a new OA Resources Page where you can view Writing & Meeting Resources.

  • OA Region 6 Convention will now be virtual. The price to register is $35 and the convention will be held from October 23-25, 2020. Visit the OA Region 6 website to register: