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Virtual Meetings Test Edit

ABOUT ZOOM: Several in-person meetings that have been closed due to COVID-19 will be switching to Zoom, a virtual video communication service. You can download Zoom on your computer via Zoom.com, download as an app on your iPhone or Android, or dial in on your phone.

OA ZOOM GUIDELINES: Suffolk Intergroup states that being on camera is a suggestion, not mandatory.

There should be no multitasking or eating while attending a Zoom meeting.

Remember to practice Anonymity by removing your last name from your Zoom.


OA World Service has asked us to remind members not to share their screens or take screenshots containing OA Literature. For more information, please click here.

If your meeting would like to contribute a donation to OA World Service, please share this link with your fellow members: https://oa.org/contribute/

CREATING A ZOOM MEETING: If you are interested in creating a Zoom meeting for your meeting, please email suffolkoaig@gmail.com


BB - Big Book / HOW - Honest, Open, Willing / ST - Step / WTG - Writing / BG - Beginner / LIT - Literature

TR - Traditions /OA 3rd - OA 3rd Edition /CL - Closed / OD - Open Discussion / ROTATE - Format changes weekly

Zoom Meetings for Nassau

Phone Meetings for Suffolk

All Suffolk OA meetings now require a password to enter. Please get in touch with the Contact Person listed below each meeting for the password information. Thank you!

Please visit https://www.nassauoa.org/ for more information.

Zoom Meetings for Suffolk