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            Suffolk County Intergroup                              Winter, 2018



    From the Editors Desk

It is the beginning of another new year!  The holidays always bring mixed feelings of blessings and anticipation of what is in store. I have passed many new years in OA, and I am forever grateful for all it has taught me, and for all that I have the willingness to still learn. 

Yours in service, Doria



Twelve Freedoms

1. Freedom from the obsession with food

2. Freedom from insanity and hopelessness

3. Freedom from the bondage of self

4. Freedom from dishonesty

5. Freedom from isolation

6. Freedom from running the show

7. Freedom from self-reliance

8. Freedom from blame

9. Freedom from fear of people

10. Freedom from complacency

11. Freedom from loneliness

12. Freedom from lack of purpose

— Voices of Recovery (p. 205)             


Something to write about- Consider this topic next time you use the tool of writing:  How can I best carry the message of recovery?


Important Announcements

Suffolk Intergroup meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at the East Islip Public Library at 7:00pm.


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Important Dates 2018

Region 6 Convention - October 26-28

If you have an experience or idea that you want to share with your fellows, please consider submitting your writing to The New Light at Paradee99@aol.comby 3/1/18.


Convention 2017 Highlights - “Stepping Up For Recovery”

I am a “Convention Junkie”. So, of course, I was going to Toronto the weekend of October 21-23. What I didn’t expect was when I got to Customs Agent in Toronto’s Airport and was questioned about the brevity of my visit, being greeted with “Oh, so you are going to that Overeaters thing”… I knew I had arrived, and I was not alone.

Since I have been to other Region 6 events, I know many people from the Region, so I was not surprised to be greeted by people I knew at the airport. Waiting on line to check in, I made the acquaintance of someone I didn’t know yet. I was speaking at the Workshop at 5PM on Friday afternoon, so after checking in went to my room to get ready.  After registration, I went to the Workshop in the room where I would be speaking, so I wouldn’t be late. The rest of the weekend was filled with fellowship and service. I was sitting at breakfast on Saturday morning, and they announced they were going to have a sponsor/sponsee “Kiss-a-thon” at 11am to match sponsees with sponsors. The woman at the table sitting next to me said she would have liked to attend, but she had a service commitment at the same time. I told her I would take her service commitment so she could go. I saw her later in the day, and she announced she had gotten a sponsor.

I love the convention because it gives me an opportunity to immerse myself in program. The choice of how I spend my time there is mine. This year, guided by my Higher Power, I spent my time in fellowship and service. But there are workshops, meetings and all sorts of other programs to attend to strengthen your program of recovery. However you spend your time, just being around so many other Compulsive Overeaters trying to work a program of recovery One Day at a Time is truly a wonderful experience. But don’t take my word for it, why not join me in 2018 in Portland Maine, “We Light the Way,” Oct 26-28.  Further information can be found at

Susan S.

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Not all gifts come in pretty packages... my ugliest moments have been transformed into my greatest assets because they went through the transformative process of the Twelve Steps. — Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition (p. 59)


New Moves

In my recovery, I had problems trying to understand the OA program. It was simple, and that was the problem. I was baffled by its simplicity. I also practice tai chi and enjoy the challenge of learning new moves, but what I find is this: The easy moves are hard and the hard moves are easy. Standing at my front door one day, I thought, “All I have to do to get into the house is open this. I don’t need to do research on the door, find out who built the door, or figure out what the door is made of. None of that information will get me into my house.” I like to analyze things. I think if I get things figured out, I’ll move forward. But logic won’t always help and some things can’t be explained. This program isn’t about the Steps we analyze, it’s about the Steps we take. I can take action, not let fear run my life, and trust HP that action will work for me. — Bill B., Vancouver, Washington USA



Feast or Famine


When something is eating away at me, I can discuss it with program friends. When there’s too much on my plate, and I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I can ask my Higher Power to help me prioritize. When I want to have my cake and eat it too, I can remember it’s all in God’s hands. When I’m dying to be thin, I can be sure my worth is not determined by the number on the scale. When I can’t stomach something, or when I have a beef with someone, I can say a prayer. When I’m stewing over an issue, I can remember I must accept life on life’s terms. When I feel like I’m going bananas, God can restore me to sanity. When I just can’t cut the mustard, program teaches me I am enough. Whether it’s feast or famine, I sink my teeth into recovery. — Kara M., Cranston, Rhode Island USA



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Important Dates 2017


Important Announcements

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Our Intergroup covers all of Suffolk County, the North and South Shore, as far west as Amityville and all the way to Montauk Point. We have over 20 meetings listed on our meeting list, but many of the meetings are not well informed or represented by intergroup reps.  We do our best to keep groups informed.

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