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If you are reading this, you have no doubt reached a place in your life where you are desperate for help with compulsive overeating!  For many of us in OA, we have been in that place - a place where we feel like if something doesn't help soon, we may die.   We tried every diet, pill, weight loss program, undereating, exercising and depriving ourselves, only to find we could not fix our obsessive thoughts about food and eating.  Some of us came and left, only to return many years later after more eating, gaining weight and heartache.  Some of us stayed since our very first meeting, and we realized we were not alone. We have a disease, and with help, while it can never be cured, can be arrested.  We felt we were home!

By working this program, you can become the person you truly want to be and improve your  life!  And, while it may seem like a simple program, it is often not easy to do - you will find that it's not so much about what you are eating but about what is eating you.  You will shed not only weight, but so much more!  To you we say, Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!