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Meetings In Suffolk County

For out of towners: Area Code for Suffolk County is 631

This list was last updated December, 2016.  (Lists are created quarterly.)  Please email  with any changes or additions. 

Suffolk County Intergroup meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at East Islip Public Library, Main Street, North meeting room.  No Intergroup meetings take place in July and August.

Do you know your meeting number? It is listed on the list next to your meeting.

     We recommend you try at least six meetings before deciding if OA is for you.  Each meeting may be different. Even though a meeting suggests "Beginner," anyone is welcome at any meeting. PLEASE call the contact person to confirm the meeting before attending. The definitions for the "type" of meetings are: BG (Beginners); BB: (Big Book) The group reads from the AA Big Book, which is also used in the OA program; LIT: (Literature) the Group reads OA literature, OD: open discussion meeting; RR is Recovery from Relapse; ST: (Step)  the group reads from the OA Twelve and Twelve and discusses one of the twelve steps of the OA program; ST/TR: (Step/Tradition) is similar to ST, but they also read one of our traditions; TF means it is "teen friendly"; BSA means babysitting is available; HOW: Please see the "Questions" page to better explain what HOW is. This may all sound confusing -  we suggest you attend a meeting, sit, listen, ask questions if you need to. You will not feel alone, we have all been there, too. Keep coming back! 

Location Contact Addresss Time Type

Dix Hills #53344

Ruth 383-6737 United Methodist Church - 400 Deer Park Road 7:15-8:15 pm OA 12&12
Isliip #26501 Vita 224-5074 Islip Town Beach, South Bay Ave. May 18- Sept. 28 (June 1. - Sept. 7) (Sept.8 - May 1 call for directions) 9:00 am LIT
Melville 02882 Abbey 499-0929 St. Elizabeth's Spiritual Center - 195 Wolf Hll Rd. (rear entrance Living Waters basement) 10:00 am ST/TR
Pt. Jefferson #28080

Gail 631-358-6584

*Mather Hospital, 75 N. Country Road, Conference Room #1   7-8 pm


East Hampton #28084

Sharmila 725-4995

Sr. Citizen Center, 126 Springs Fireplace Road 10-11 am Rotate
Bayport Pat 730-8746 United Methodist Church - 482 Middle Rd.,(parlor) 7-8 pm ROTATE
Centereach 54174 Ilene 516-322-9640 Middle Country Public Library - 101 Eastwood Rd. 4-5 pm OA 12&12

Patchogue #47449

631 487-2291
Lutheran Church of Our Savior, 231 Jayne Ave. (Basement)   6:00 -7:00 pm Recovery from Relapse
East Islip 00837 Michelle 672-9219 East Islip Library, 281. E. Main St., (upstairs) 10:00 am LIT/WTG
Hauppauge 49538 Susan 234-2109 Hauppauge High School, 500 Lincoln Blvd, Rm. 141 (Faculty) 6:30-7:30 pm BG/ST
Huntington 47112 Ann 516-313-7964 St.Patrick's Church, 400 Main St. - Rectory 7:30-8:30 pm BB
N. Babylon  LC 516-903-1550 158 Phelps Lane - "A New Kind of Freedom" 6:30-7:30 pm BB
Wading River 46619 Elyse 744-1172 North Shore United Church, 260 Rte. 25A 7:30-8:30 pm ST
Dix Hills 39217 Ruth 383-6737 The Chai Center, 501 Vanderbilt Pkwy.(park in main lot only; no food or beverages) 7:00-8:30 pm BG
East Hampton 50025 Walter 521-0253 East Hampton Healthcare Ctr.(meeting room) - 200 Pantigo Rd. 7:00-8;00 pm ROTATE
Huntington 12655 Joe 266-9705 Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 22 East 18th St. 7:30 pm MEN
Patchogue 39326 Jerry 456-5230 Lutheran Church of Our Savior - 231 Jayne Ave. (downstairs) 10:00 am ST/TR
Dix Hills 54445 Carol F. 587-5548 St. Matthews RC Church, 35 N. Service Rd., 2nd Fl., Rm 220 7-8:30 pm LIT
Selden 49302 Karol 648-3534 Selden Branch Library, 575 Middle Country Rd.& Bicycle Path 2:00-3:00 pm ST/TR
Southold 51932 Jane 765-8797 Call for directions 7:00 pm OD
Holbrook 53389 Kim 626-1758 Good Shepherd Church - 1370 Grundy Ave. 11:00am-12:00pm BB
Hauppauge 53331 Margaret 713-594-4445 Calvary Lutheran Church - 860 Towline Rd. 8:45-9:45am BB
Hauppauge 04630

Eleanor 234-3342

Leah 516-241-6465

Calvary Lutheran Church - 860 Townline Rd.


10:00am-12:00pm BG
Patchogue 47964 Bianca 631-871-0845 Brookhaven Memorial Hospital - 101 Hospital Rd., Trailer A - (trailer in reaar of hospital; park in rear lot) 10:00-11:00am LIT
Bayport 34187 Martha 472-5980 United Methodist Church - 482 Middle Rd. (parlor) 10:15 - 11:45am ST/TR
Riverhead 00935

Sondra 369-6119

(Alt No. 516-523-2174)

Peconic Bay Med. Ctr. - 1300 Roanoke Ave.

10:00 -11:00am



SC Intergroup
(631) 260-6615

+The Brookhaven Hospital meeting on Saturday is outside in trailer "A" located behind the hospital, but is connected to the hospital.  Parking is in the south lot, in the back employee parking lot.  The parking lot is also accessible from County Road 101, also called Sills Road.