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Lifeline is the international monthly magazine of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. Lifeline is like a portable meeting; it is filled with new perspectives on issues compulsive eaters deal with daily.  Featuring articles, experiences, opinions, letters and stories by OA members, it is an invaluable tool that supports readers in working their programs and maintaining recovery. This colorful, illustrated monthly magazine also includes a calendar of events, answers to questions, and region and world service news.

Lifeline is available in two versions: the 30-page, printed magazine for an annual fee of $23.00; or the electronic online version which costs only $13.00.

The true stories in Lifeline, written by OA members, share the challenges and triumphs of recovery from compulsive overeating. Lifeline publishes a list of monthly topics and questions to encourage members to share their stories of experience, strength and hope. The Lifeline Writers Guidelines provide additional assistance to would-be writers, describing the submission process and giving guidance on how to write articles. A sample issue of Lifeline appears online, sharing with newcomers and Web-site visitors the support available in Lifeline’s pages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to laugh, learn and love with OA members in recovery.  A Lifeline story could be the turning point in your life.  


Monthly Topics

Lifeline is created from OA members’ letters. Monthly topics are suggestions. You may write about any subject important to your recovery from compulsive overeating. Send your letters to Lifeline, PO Box 44020, Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4020.



  • Stepping Out, Service with a Smile, Living Traditions and Taking the Spiritual Path: we always need stories related to these themes.
  • Newcomers Corner: newcomers, share your OA experiences and concerns.
  • OA Around the World: give us a history OA in your country or area; current information on the number of service boards, intergroups and groups; significant accomplishments; and two or three short pieces from local members. Please send your history today!
  • Generally Speaking (general OA topics) and How OA Changed My Life
  • Main Attraction: share your successes with public information and attraction.


  • Ask-It Basket, Datebook, For Discussion and Web Links
  • Share It runs only if sufficient material is available.

Other Materials

Lifeline accepts letters, artwork and photos (no faces, please) for publication. Credit lines and rights to submitted work apply equally to articles, artwork and photos. Submitted materials are not returned. Lifeline may edit articles and crop photos. Lifeline promotes “unity with diversity” regarding the race, nationality, gender, age, physical challenges and sexuality of its writers.

Please submit articles at least three and a half months prior to the first day of the month of publication. Deadlines appear in parentheses next to topics. Indicate the topic and month for which the article is intended. Typed letters by mail, fax or e-mail are preferred. Letters must contain the author’s name and address, even if the author wishes to remain anonymous in print. Thank you.