Suffolk County Intergroup #09036

Information about Suffolk Intergroup and Website

What is an Intergroup?
An OA member from each meeting serves as an Intergroup Rep, and attends the Intergroup meeting once a month. The Reps. bring back information to their group to keep meeting attendees informed.  

The Suffolk County Intergroup meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m., at East Islip Library, 381 Main Street, downstairs. 
Suffolk County Intergroup contacts
Chair:            Susan           
Treasurer:               Maureen
Secretary:               Amy
Office Worker:         Michelle
Public Information:  
New Light Editor:    Doria
Phone number for the Suffolk County Intergroup: 631-260-6615.  
Mailing address for Suffolk County Intergroup is:
415 Bernice Drive
Bayport, NY 11705-1203
About This Website
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