Public Information
The Public Information Committee has a speaker list to be used when we have Public Information events planned or are attending schools or other facilities to help carry the OA message.  In addition to speakers, we need members willing to attend health fairs and do research to help find upcoming events we might participate in and to pack, mail and/or deliver resource packets to local schools and organizations. SCI will supply postage and all requested information.

Our P.I. Events slow down for the summer months, but this gives us time to plan alternate ways to carry the OA message.  Below are the future plans the committee may arrange:
  • Health Fairs: We need members to canvas for upcoming health fairs. This involves calling local hospitals and getting Health Fair dates, etc. Also, a search online for Suffolk County Community Services or Community Health Fairs usually hits on several organizations. Contact can be made to see if any of these need OA information.

  • Adopt-A-High School or College:  We are looking for members or meetings to adopt a high school in their area, make contact and supply the school health or guidance department with pamphlets, OA contact information, and local meeting locations. This is a valuable service and will help educate young people and professionals about the OA Recovery Program. 

  • Speakers may also be needed for schools interested in having someone come into health classes.  If you would like to speak in health classes at local High Schools, hand out pamphlets, answer questions, share your experience with the OA program or do any service, please contact Suffolk County Intergroup at: (631) 260-6615.